Frequenty Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you're unable to find the answer to a question that you have then please contact us directly.




What is included with each show?

The contents of each show are listed on its respective product page. Additional items related to the show such as production packages, hard copies and poster packages can be purchased during checkout.

What is the quality of the included music tracks?

All of our music has been professionally recorded in a recording studio and is of a very high quality. If a show includes music you can preview a few samples tracks on its product page.

We have been disappointed with so many other scripts and songs. Can we read the scripts and hear the songs before we buy?

Absolutely. Each show has a free sample script and music tracks on its product page. Optionally you are able to purchase a perusal which allows you to read the entire script as well as listen to all of the show's songs.

Who typically performs these shows?

A variety of groups including schools, theatre groups and clubs use them, including those with a limited knowledge of theatre.

What, if any, musical ability do I need to stage one of your musicals?

None at all. The included vocal backed tracks allow the cast to learn the songs easily.

Do you provide orchestral parts?

No, but you are free to experiment with your own arrangements.

Can I make alterations to the script such as line or music changes?

No changes or adaptations may be made to the scripts or songs without first consulting with Amanda Stone Productions.

Can I share the script or music with another party to use?

No. Copyright laws prohibit any lending, copying or any unauthorised performances of our shows.

Are we allowed to record our performances?

You are only authorised to record a performance if you purchased a video licence which are available during checkout.

Can I get hard copies of scripts or music?

Yes. Hard copies of scripts and music CDs can be ordered during the checkout process

Are these shows available to download digitally?

Yes. All of our shows, including scripts and music, are downloadable.

Where can I find my downloads?

You can download any items you have purchased from your downloads page.

Where can I find invoices for my purchases?

Invoices for an order can be viewed or downloaded by visiting the order page and then selecting the order details page for that specific order.

How is your pricing structured?

Each full show has an initial hire price which is shown on its product page but this does not cover the right to perform the show. For that you must pay a $90 fee per performance which is calculated during the checkout process. There are also extra options including performance packages, hard copies and poster packages which are completely optional and can be purchased during checkout. For perusals of shows there is a $10 fee and the option to buy a hard copy during checkout. All prices on this website are listed in New Zealand dollars.

Why do I have to pay performance fees?

Performance fees ensure protection for both our writers and composers; their writing is their livelihood.

Do I need to pay for charity performances?

Each and every public performance, including charity performances, attracts a performance fee.

What technical equipment do we need?

Something to play music (laptop, CD player etc.), speakers and optionally a microphone PA system.

What are the limits on downloading files?

You are limited to downloading each show 10 times and you have a week from the purchase date in which to do so.

One of my show downloads has expired but I need to download a file, what do I do?

Please contact us with the order number and the name of the show that you would like access to and we will assist you.

How can I edit the poster included in the poster package?

The poster package includes a Photoshop .psd file which is compatible with newer and most older versions of Photoshop as well as a high resolution .png image which can be edited in any image editing software. Even something as basic as Windows paint can add text to your poster to achieve the desired results.

How do I open my script files?

The sample scripts are available as either PDFs which can be opened with Adobe Reader or as .docx files which are compatible with Microsoft Word. Word documents in .docx formar are compatible with versions of Word from 2003 onwards.

How do I open .zip files?

A .zip file is simply a compressed collection of files which makes it easier to send files over the internet. In Windows you can double click to open the file and then drag its contents to where you desire or right click to extract all of its contents. In Mac OSX download a zip utility such as Keka or Zipeg.

What is the .m3u file in the album folders for?

An m3u file acts as a playlist for media players. This makes it easier for you to playback your music as you only need to manage a single file instead of a multitude. Opening it with your music player of choice will play all the songs in the album in the correct order and dragging the file into a program such as iTunes will automatically add all of the album tracks and easily let you burn them to a CD.

What is the best way to playback the included .mp3 files?

If you simply want to playback on a computer connected to a sound system then using the included .m3u file with a media player like VLC, MPC-HC or iTunes is very easy for playback. If you wish to burn the music to a CD then dragging the .m3u file into either Windows Media Player or iTunes will allow you to very easily burn all of the files in the album to a CD.