Terms And Conditions

The use of the term site refers to http://www.amandastoneproductions.com which is owned and operated by Amanda Stone Productions Ltd.

1) Amanda Stone Productions Ltd. may where required and at its sole discretion grant a performing licence to organisations wishing to perform a show from within its catalogue. Such a grant forms a binding contract between the customer and Amanda Stone Productions Ltd. The granting of this licence only permits the licensee permission to perform the number of performances as agreed upon during the purchasing of their licence. It in no way grants ownership or interest of the show or its materials to the purchaser.

2) This licence grants you permission to download files pertaining to the licenced show 10 times and a time period of 1 week from the purchase date in which to do so. Which files to download is at the discretion of the purchaser and if either of these limitations are reached it is at the sole discretion of Amanda Stone Productions that they may be extended for a period.

3) Digital and hard copies of these files or documents (including scripts and music) may only be distributed to cast and crew of the production and must be destroyed at the conclusion of production. It is the sole responsibility of the individual who was granted the licence to ensure that this is carried out.

4) Rehearsals or production should not start on any show until a licence application and all fees have been received and approved by Amanda Stone Productions Ltd.

5) No additions, deletions or alterations of any kind are permitted to be made to the characters, dialogue, lyrics or music without the written permission of Amanda Stone Productions Ltd.

6) "Courtesy of Amanda Stone Productions" must appear on all programmes, handbills and posters that you may produce, and on all newspaper advertisements (except classified ads), radio advertisements, web pages and web advertisements.

7) Credit to the original author(s) as stated on the show's site product page must appear on all programmes, handbills and posters that you may produce, and on all newspaper advertisements (except classified ads), radio advertisements, web pages and web advertisements.

8) Performance licences granted permit the staging of live public performances, they do not however permit the recording of such live performances in any form of mechanical, optical or electronic retrievable storage system. A separate licence for video recordings may be available on payment of a fee and it is the sole responsibility of the organisation performing the show that this condition is not breached.

9) a. A video licence may be granted if you pay the appropriate fee. On receipt of payment and where rights are available, permission may be granted to you to make a video recording of a single performance.

b. Authorisation is granted to record the production subject to the following conditions:

    i. The recording is to be made for the cast/crew and their immediate family only.

    ii. Any physical or digital media produced should include the following credits and labels:
        Name of Organisation
        Name of Show - Written by Name of Author © Courtesy of Amanda Stone Productions

    iii. Copies of that recording either in full or in part may not be given away or sold to any individual or entity who is not directly affiliated with the production as stipulated above.

    iv. Any individual or entity who may wish to place a production recording on any publicly available website or forum is strictly prohibited from doing so without the written permission of Amanda Stone Productions Ltd.

10) Any poster packages purchased must retain the author's credit and credit to Amanda Stone Productions.

11) The prices for all products and services are stated and are payable in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Any currency conversion will take place online at the rate applicable at the time of purchase. All prices are inclusive of New Zealand's good and services tax if applicable.

12) Payment for goods and services supplied in accordance with the buyer's order are non-refundable.

13) Amanda Stone Productions is controlled and operated with accordance with the laws of New Zealand. Persons who choose to access the materials on this site from other locations do so on their own initiative, and are responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

14) If you make use of the products, content, shows or materials owned by Amanda Stone Productions, except as otherwise provided above, you will violate copyright and other laws of New Zealand, other countries, as well as applicable state laws and may be subject to liability for such unauthorised use.

15) Amanda Stone Productions may, at its sole discretion, revise or change these terms and conditions, in whole or part, from time to time and without notice to you. Changes in the terms and conditions will be effective when posted by us on this site. Your continued use of this site and/or the services/products made available on or through it after any changes to the terms and conditions are posted will be considered acceptance of those changes.