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Grab That Gold

By: Deborah Martin

Grab That Gold is a wonderful gold rush musical set in the goldfields of the 1850's. It features 12 rollicking songs lead by 5 characters, plenty of supporting characters and a number of different chorus groups.

Grab That Gold can be performed with one simple backdrop and some small and portable items brought on to create the impression of various scenes. It is not necessary to create a full set for each setting and simple items such as a table and chair can create an office setting, a portable campfire can create a bushrangers' hideout and so on.

The show provides a terrific vehicle for looking at all aspects of a unique period in Australian history. A number of aspects of life during the period are looked at like the life of miners and the hours of hard work involved in finding that lucky nugget, the lifestyle, politics and people of the era. Even more technical topics like methods of mining can be investigated as well as the geology involved in gold mining.

Running Time: 70 minutes

What's Included?

  • The complete script including extensive production and director's notes
  • A version of the script for students
  • A songbook featuring simple sheet music for some songs and lyrics for all songs
  • Instrumental only and vocal guide music tracks for each song
  • All items are delivered as easy and convenient digital downloads
  • The complete script including extensive production and director's notes
  • Vocal guide music tracks for each song
  • All items are delivered as easy and convenient digital downloads

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It's the 1850's and people are packing all of their belongings and heading for what they hope will be a fortune at the goldfields. The hustle and bustle of the diggings is interrupted by the arrival of three woebegone orphans who hope to make their own fortunes and as luck would have it, they find a huge nugget worth one hundred pounds!

The orphans set off to celebrate their discovery at the 'Gold Diggers' Ball'. Unfortunately for them, Big Black Dan the notorious bushranger also plans to make an appearance. He and his gang stage a daring hold-up at the ball and snatch the money from the orphans.

However, their escape is foiled and after a noisy court case Dan and his hapless boys are sent to gaol. The happy and now wealthy orphans are reunited with relatives after having grabbed that gold!
Grab That Gold features 3 main characters who are supported by a number of different characters and 3 different chorus groups. The show can support a large range of cast sizes with a number of smaller speaking parts for larger casts but these parts can also easily be played by the same actors if performed with a small cast.

The 3 main characters of the show are the orphans, Jess, Joseph and James who travel to the goldfields in search of their fortunes. In the early parts of the play they are fairly dreary and melodramatic about their plight but as things develop they become more optimistic about their circumstances. These characters are featured in a number of songs so good singers will be needed for the roles.

Kathleen is a supporting character and the owner of the general store. She is an assertive and strong character who runs the town and also occupies the position of local magistrate. This part features multiple singing solos so a strong singer is required.

Big Black Dan and his gang of bushrangers are the villains of the show who plan on robbing the orphans of their new found wealth. Dan himself is a loud and blustering character who would suit an actor not afraid to strut around and be noisy about it. Dan also has a solo so a good singer is required for this part.

There are a number of other supporting characters like the local traders, the police and court officials, making for more speaking roles for children in the show.

Along with these speaking roles there are also 3 chorus groups which appear throughout the show: Folks on the goldfields, townsfolk and people at the ball.
Please feel free to download a sample of the script as either a Microsoft Word of PDF document.
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Here you're able to listen to a small sample of vocal backed music tracks featured in the show.