Is It On Or Off Poster

Is It On Or Off

By: Carol B Cole

Is it On Or Off is a playful and hilarious look at the all too familiar lead up to Sally's impending nuptials. A cast of six plus the voice of the never seen Jack, this is a great play for women with roles for three mature women plus young bride to be Sally and her brother Mark.

The show takes place in three settings before interval: Pat's house, Mark's house, and the interior of a Sally's car which can be easily represented by car seats. After interval the play takes place in a three star hotel and by the side of the pool which can be represented using deck chairs and clever lighting.

Simple contemporary clothing is all that is needed for the costumes and there are very few props. The only special costume required is the too small, out of date wedding dress for Sally.

Running time: Approx. 100 minutes

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Bride to be Sally collects her recently divorced mother Lynn from the airport and arguments ensue from the start. Marl, Sally's motel owning Aunty, organises her hubby Bernie (unseen) from her mobile when she daily visits her sister Pat... Lyn's mum. Pat married to Jack (Whose hilarious grumbling is heard, but he is not seen) hasn't adjusted to his retirement! He's driving Pat mad! The wedding invites arrive; Pat and Marl make plans to fly to Queensland without the men. 'Men don't like weddings, they'd only be hungry, wet blankets'

They arrive at the shabby, hot as hell, motel to find Marl's suitcase is missing, Lynn grumpy and Sally having second thoughts! Temperatures and tempers are cooled by the pool but the more advice is given, the more Sally doubts her upcoming marriage. The dress doesn't fit, brother Mark appears with a black eye and when she turns her back the cake is half eaten! With disasters aplenty will Sally cancel the wedding... again?! It's a laugh a minute!
Sally: 20-30 Bride to be who is questioning marriage to wealthy Greg and interfering mother, Grace! Sally is fed up with mother Lyn's interference and is questioning the wisdom of marrying her mummy's boy fiance.

Lynn: Overpowering Mother of bride, recently divorced. Lyn is brash and playfully vulgar. At a loose end after her divorce she throws herself whole heartedly into organising Sally's wedding.

Pat: Mother of Lynn. Life has changed since Jack (heard but unseen) retired. Considers herself an artist. Is fed up with Marl's daily visits. Pat is happy to escape from home and make the trek to Sally's wedding.

Marl: Pat's complaining motel owner sister. Rules the roost including husband. Complains bitterly how hard being a motel owner is although she does very little work.

Mark: Sally's brother, a painter. Mark is a bit of a bogan, loves his beer, music, dog Bandit and partner.

Jack: Voice only (Can be played by backstage crew)
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