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Jersey Girls

By: Lynelle Kuriger

This show is a fresh and funny musical comedy written by Lynelle Kuriger for Kiwis and Aussies. Starring cows that talk and humans that don't, you will be entertained by back paddock banter.

Lynelle Kuriger's unique take on life beyond the tanker track through the eyes of the herd and their attendant bulls, with all their human frailties and foibles, is funny, naughty, touching, and oh so real. A rural audience will recognise every cow in the herd, and some might recognise themselves. The show includes a number of evergreen 1950s doo-wop songs which punctuate the story such as Bobby's Girls, Only You, To Know Him Is To Love Him and many more.

Included is an application to APRA and script excerpts for the following songs to accompany your application.

Bobby's Girl
Tell Him

Running time: 2 hrs

Minimum 4 males and 6-12+ Females.

What's Included?

  • The complete script and APRA event application form
  • All items are delivered as easy and convenient digital downloads
  • Roughly half of the full version of the complete script
  • All items are delivered as easy and convenient digital downloads

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Should a heifer devote herself to just one bull? Never! But that doesn't stop Bub falling for the first bull she ever meets. Love is a dangerous game when you're a Jersey Girl, if you're not in calf with the rest of the herd it can only mean a one way trip... on the works truck!

Follow Bub and the rest of the herd on Mr and Mrs Farmers block. It's been a whole year since Bub, Sooky and the rest of the heifers last saw the herd, leaving the farm as young calves. Upon re-joining the herd ruled by the cunning matriarch, Grandma, they have to quickly come to grips with behaving like a good cow! Easier said than done when there are a couple of randy bulls vying for their attention, and it looks as though Mrs Farmer (the best thing around the farm) might be sent away herself if she's not pregnant!

Can Bub and the rest of the herd get Mrs Farmer in calf while saving themselves from Mr Farmer and the cull?

Let the Moo-Wop singing herd take you on a rollicking ride through a year on a dairy farm. Oh My Cud!
Minimum 4 males and 6-12+ females.

BUB - Flo's daughter. Bub lacks the courage of her convictions to begin with. Should she follow her heart and devote herself to her one and only bull or follow her head and move on? SINGS SOLO - "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "Tell Him", "To Know, Know, Know Him", "Who's Loving You" and "My Girl".

Sooky - Sooky is a tough heifer. Not at all pleased by the fact she is now expected to conform to the ways of the herd. Especially with that fool Farmer trying to be in charge. She could teach Bub a thing or two!

Geordie - The Little bull. Geordie is a Hereford bull that spent his youth with the heifers. Sensitive and caring, he has fallen for the first heifer he saw, Bub. He is shocked then, by Bub's change of heart when they meet again back on the farm. SINGS SOLO - "Tears On My Pillow" and "My Girl".

Jock - The wise, old angus bull. So laid back, he's nearly horizontal, and most times he actually is! So confident and unflappable, he has a thing or two to teach the other bulls. SINGS SOLO - "Sh'Boom" and "Only You".

Rufus - Rufus is a young, flashy jersey bull who believes he is God's gift to cows. Rufus is easily wound up and fidgety. He absolutely loves himself - but then, what's not to love? SINGS SOLO - "Sh'Boom", "Only You" and "Oh Boy".

Flo - Flo is a wise, older cow. She is the mother of Bub and is very proud and conservative. She doesn't understand Bubs wish to break convention. Flo is 2nd in line to being matriarch of the herd.

Daisy - If there ever was a silly cow, then it's Daisy. Forgetful and easily led, Daisy is always in a panic about something or another.

Grandma - The matriarch of the herd is old Grandma. She is mother or aunty or great aunt to nearly the entire herd. Grandma is powerful and respected for her ability to produce a heifer every year, but she harbours a dark secret about how she has managed to do so. SINGS SOLO - "Tell Him" and "The Great Pretender".

The Heifers - Like a bunch of silly school girls, the heifers manage to rattle Bub and Geordie so they can have Geordie to themselves. SING "A Jersey Girl (Bobby's Girl)".

The Cows - A calming influence, the cows try their best to show these young heifers how to behave in the herd.

Mr. Farmer - Viewed by the cows as being unkind and angry with Mrs Farmer, Mr Farmer is really just trying to do the best for his herd. We don't understand anything the farmers say, as they speak in farmer language. He is not a cow.

Mrs. Farmer - New to farming, Mrs Farmer is on a steep learning curve. The cows are convinced that Mr Farmer is going to cull Mrs Farmer for not being in calf but in the end Mrs Farmer has an ace up her overall sleeve.

The Herd (i.e. everyone) sings - "Vacation", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?", "To Know, Know...", "The Glory of Milk (Love)", "Sweet Talking Guy", "Oh Boy" and "My Girl".

Chorus cows and heifers could double for each other.
Other cows / heifers can be added to the chorus if desired.

Please feel free to download a sample of the script as either a Microsoft Word of PDF document.
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