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The Wedding Tackle

By: Carol B Cole

The Wedding Tackle is a two act play with a cast of four men and four women of mixed ages. The show is set in four main areas, Vera's home, Gwen's home, Tommy's home and at the footy ground. The homes may easily be represented by a couch and chair covered with different throws. The footy ground may be performed in front of curtain with a short post and rail to represent the fence of the footy ground. The wedding scene may also be performed in front of curtain with just a free standing arbour. For the scene when the lads are wobbling home from the finals they may move through the audience.

If preferred the show may be performed without the Stranglettes cheer squad.

Runtime: Approx. 100 minutes

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  • All items are delivered as easy and convenient digital downloads

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This fun play is for lovers and haters of the dreaded game. Included is two versions of the script, an Aussie version featuring Australian rules and the Kiwi version featuring rugby. An hilarious true to life look at the relationship between Aussie/Kiwi footy/rugby loving men like Frank, and women like Merlie, who wait in the stands.

Frank has followed his beloved 'Stranglers' for thirty years and spends hours at his favourite teams clubrooms and at practice. "So what! I've followed you for nine." says Merlie, fed up waiting for Frank to pop the question. Merlie has discovered the joys of night classes and is studying poetry, much to Frank's disgust. He'd prefer her to be at his beck and call, whether it's being his date at the club cabaret or rustling up a plate for the team bbq.

When Merlie finally coerces Frank into a wedding, Frank is torn between his devotion to Merlie and his team when he finds out that the wedding day clashes with the team trip away. "Stick to your guns" says best mate Tommy, "Once women get their hooks into you, you've had it, marriage is a living hell." An added dilemma, Frank's brusque and calculating mother, Vera plans to sell up! She's found online romance with the gentlemanly and wealthy Henry and doesn't intend to waste time. She doesn't like Merlie and makes her feelings known. "What about me?" he wails Frank when Vera begins packing up his things. "What about you! Find yourself a wife, a proper woman, not that Hislop creature!"

Sharon, Tommy's wife reveals how when she married Tommy she was young, starry eyed AND four months pregnant! "Now I can fake an orgasm the minute he drops his pants!" Sharon is fed up with her life with Tommy. She is determined to better herself and is looking into taking up study. Tommy feels threatened by this and is not encouraging. Sharon is annoyed with his lack of ambition. "Can't you find something to do, I can't concentrate with your nose whistling."

Wedding plans and finals fever build up to the team final scene complete with Stranglettes cheer squad which is full of excitement, colour and pace. The wedding day arrives and Frank is torn to see his friends boarding the bus after the ceremony on their way to the team's trip to the Gold Coast.
Frank - Frank is a dedicated rugby/footy man, a true footy/rugby has been. He dreamed of playing in the big time but he never made the grade. Frank loves Merlie but takes her for granted and is happy for their relationship to carry on as it has for the last nine years. He is best mates with Tommy and loves discussing his favourite game with him.

Merlie - Merlie is a kind hearted, cuddly, lady who has been dedicated to Frank for the last nine years but has finally grown tired of Frank's failure to commit. She has put up with his devotion to footy/rugby for years but since beginning to extend herself by attending night classes she has decided that she wants commitment from Frank and begins to assert herself. Merlie does not get on with Vera, 'the old dragon'.

Tommy - Tommy is a likeable character, a true mate of Frank. He lives for footy and company of the blokes. He sees himself as a great husband and dad. He is having trouble coping with change in Sharon. Tommy is a simple soul who works as a mechanic and spends as much time as he can at the footy/rugby club. The romance of his marriage has long since departed and he and his wife Sharon find little to talk about other than the kids. He is content with his life and has little ambition. He is a good friend to Frank and envies his bachelorhood.

Sharon - A close friend of Merlie's, Sharon despises football and everything to do with it. Is locked in a unhappy marriage to Tommy, where she sees her future with him as hopeless. Sharon is a frustrated check out chick who dreams of something better. She is frustrated with husband Tommy's lack of ambition and his blind dedication to his football/rugby club. She has begun night classes with a view to improving her prospects in life. Most of Tommy's habits annoy her and she would dearly love a bit of romance in her life.

Vera - Vera is a sharp lady who has had enough of son Frank's presence in her house. She is a brusque, bossy calculating woman with stinging tongue who is fed up with country life and responsibility of Frank. She sees the chance to escape, with learned, wealthy, Henry. Frank's late father was a major disappointment and now she is looking for love online. Frank is too much like his father for her liking and she wishes he would have more ambition. When she meets Henry online she feels she has to temper some of the worst aspects of her personality to keep him interested. Vera feels that Merlie is not good enough for Frank.

Gwen - Gwen is a lovely, old fashioned lady who believes that it's a woman's duty to stay at home and take care of her family. Even though husband Artie is under the impression that he's the man of the house, Gwen manages him beautifully. However she fears the loneliness of old age, with miserly Arthur. A wedding for Merlie would be a dream come true for her.

Artie - Artie is a canny Scotsman who loves his family and his local footy/rugby team. Artie would be very happy to see Merlie married off, not only to see her happy and settled, but to allow himself and Gwen to enjoy some adventures on their own.

Henry - Is a cultured gentleman who met Vera online when looking for a life partner. He is good natured and friendly and Vera will need to curb some of her vitriolic behavior to be associated with him. Henry is looking forward to getting to know Vera and her family better and does his best to win Frank over.
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