All Shows By Deborah Martin

  • Search For A Smile
    Put a little colour in your life with Search For A Smile, a magical musical that's brimming with laughter and fun. 11 great songs are brought to life by 4 main characters, numerous supporting...
  • ShowTime At Sea
    Experience all the fun of summer in ShowTime At Sea, the story of a gang of bumbling pirates and their search for a buried treasure.
  • Vegiemania
    Vegiemania is a fabulous and environmentally friendly musical featuring a colourful cast of bees, ladybirds, scarecrows, veggies and neighbourhood kids. It's a fantastic and vibrant veggie feast!
  • Way To Go
    Ready, set, go! Race for gold in the terrific sporting musical, Way To Go, a show packed full of fun and fitness. The show features 10 song and dance numbers accompanied by easy to learn choreography.
  • The Frog Prince
    With 6 great songs this is a new and hilarious version of The Frog Prince puts a new twist on an old favourite fairy tale.
  • The Lost Kid Caper
    The Lost Kid Caper is a fabulous, funny, friendly musical featuring a colourful cast of kids, campers, bumbling police, the press and magical animals.