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  • Fleeced
    Take disco dancing, seventies music, singing, afro wearing romney ewes; versus stuck up, self-loving, authoritarian suffolk rams; with a gender confused wether thrown in for good measure. And you...
  • Global Worming
    lobal Worming is a fun and quirky musical that puts a hilarious slant on the humdrum routine of the schoolroom. The show may be performed by a class or the whole school.
  • Grab That Gold
    Grab That Gold is a wonderful gold rush musical set in the goldfields of the 1850's. It features 12 rollicking songs lead by 5 characters, plenty of supporting characters and a number of different...
  • Guess Who's Having An Affair
    When communication break downs of the middle aged couples come to a head, through accusations, intrigue and suspicion the question is raised 'Guess who's having an Affair?'
  • Hundred Year Rock
    Magic, music and mayhem are features in the fabulous fantasy musical, Hundred Year Rock. Featuring eight scenes and eight splendid songs that can be sung as solos or with an entire chorus joining...
  • Is It On Or Off
    Is it On Or Off is a playful and hilarious look at the all too familiar lead up to Sally's impending nuptials.